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1-click sync for bluetooth transfer

At the moment each course and activity log file needs to be transferred separately via bluetooth. Would be good to look at a more streamlined approach to this, perhaps we can’t make it completely 1-click (as devices will still need to be paired and bluetooth turned on), but at least so that users do not need to select each course/log to transfer separately.

First need to think about the process for this as a workflow (for both code and UI). Suggestions welcome…

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Hi Alex
It looks like the courses transferred to a person via Bluetooth are not reflected on the Oppia Server under that persons list of courses he is currently doing and thus no activity is recorded for that course for that person…

Yes, it won’t get reflected on the server until the new device (the one the course was transferred onto via bluetooth) has either (1) connected to the internet and the course activity tracking has been sent to the server, or (2) the activity logs are manually downloaded from the phone and uploaded onto the server.

Or is there a separate issue? (Ie even after the activity logs have been uploaded to the server)

It was a separate issue I observed after connecting the device to the internet, the course transferred via Bluetooth didnt get uploaded , but i was connecting to the old server - v0.10.1. I will test this with the latest server.

Hi, yes please try with the v0.11.1 version, as there have been a lot of updates since v0.10.1.
If it’s still not working the other things to look at/consider are:

  1. check the cron task is running to generate the summaries (the graphs/activity etc only gets updated in the dashboard after the cron task has run)
  2. the user that you’re accessing as, admin users generally don’t have their activity shown on the main dashboard activity graphs, but is should show on their personal activity pages

Anyway, let me know how it goes

I faced a UI issue with bluetooth transfer. This only occurs after pairing with multiple (about 7 bluetooth devices on a 6" screen). The bottom menu, “other devices”, gets cut off as new devices are paired. Eventually, you cannot even see the “scan” button. This This means after ~7 or more devices are paired, a user needs to unpair devices in order to press the button to connect to a new device.

@alex @Julie

I added a task for this on Github (see: https://github.com/DigitalCampus/oppia-mobile-android/issues/884)

However, note that bluetooth can only connect a max of 7 devices at one time (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth#Communication_and_connection).

Even at below this 7 device limit, if there several devices connecting/synching at any one time, it might explain why there have been problems with connections dropping during the transfer - much might depend on the bluetooth hardware/software on the devices as to how many devices can be connected at one time and the capacity for data transfer.