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About course downloads

From email…
[note that I’ve changed the actual figures here]

"The team mentioned to me earlier that the ‘About’ course downloads automatically when learners install the app. However, when I look at the course downloads on the dashboard, it says that this course has 6 downloads by 120 users .

First, it is interesting that the number of downloads is less than the total users.

Second, if the course automatically downloads, then shouldn’t the number of users who downloaded the course equal the total registered users (so we would expect ~1,300 users instead of 120)? I’m also asking because I noticed that only 50% of users actually downloaded even 1 course (not including the About course). I’m wondering if it’s possible that there is some type of technological issue (like with the version of Android) that allows users to install the app but then prevents downloading courses?"

  1. For courses that are automatically installed by the app, these won;t get counted as a download… it’s only courses that are downloaded from the server that will get counted here. Hence the difference between no users and no downloads.

  2. The no users only show the users who have actually opened and completed an activity in the course, so where it’s less than the total no registered users, this means that many users have the course but haven’t opened the About course or completed any activities in it.

If user have been able to register in the app, then they shouldn’t have any technical issue with downloading courses. The Android version issue would have meant they wouldn’t have even been able to register.