Activity Icons does not display correctly

Hi, strangely a few activities would not display Activity Icons correctly, but does so with a black background. Any reason why so?

I’ve also copied (literally) html code from other activities, but still does not display correctly.

The Course (MD_HEW COVID-19 Guide - Amharic) resides on ETH Staging Server.

Any advise?

Hi @iwilliams , I’m not sure what might be going wrong here, please can you share the link to the course in Moodle and also the app version no that you’re using, as those will help a lot to figure where the problem might be,

Course: MD_HEW COVID-19 Guide - Amharic
App & Ver: ETH Covid Ver


@alex any findings from your study on this issue?

Hi @iwilliams ,
I’m still not completely sure what the issue is, but I think it might be to do with the HTML being cut and pasted…
If it includes the html IMG tag, then Moodle doesn’t recognise the image as being ‘attached’ to that activity, so on export it wont pick up the image as it belongs to a different activity. It might display in Moodle, but that’s because you have access to the other activity so there’s no problem with the img link being the same. There could be an issues if the copied IMG tag was from a course that the current Moodle user didn’t have access to.
Anyway, the way to test is to remove the img tag from the HTML and actually upload the image via the Moodle editor. Note that I suspect this issue wouldn’t occur if the Moodle activity was duplicated/copied, as then Moodle would handle the img references correctly.
Let me know if that fixes the issue or not,

Nope, it did not resolve the issue @alex
This is really strange, never occurred before.

@iwilliams will follow up on the jira issue you raised

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