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App crash/error reports

via email:
" Can the crash / error reports from Splunk MINT be useful in understanding the connection issues which might have prevented some of the users from downloading courses?

For example, I usually receive, SSLHandshakeException, UnknownHostException, and so on.

If we can get the errors with the number of occurrences for each error and what each implies, maybe we can get a better understanding of what was happening as people were using the app."

I think these should be useful, although it’s not always easy to know from the report themselves the real nature of the issue/problem.

For the SSLHandshakeException, I think it’s likely that this will be due to the user having their device date set to something where the server doesn’t recognise the certificate as being valid. I know this can be an issue in Ethiopia, where I’ve seen people set the phone date to an approximation of the Ethiopian calendar, so then the server SSL certificate is not recognised by the phone as being valid.

I’ve also seen the UnknownHostException message a few times before (though only a handful of times in the last years), and it’s unclear to me the exact reason for this. It might be if the user has a very slow connection, the connection times out before it reaches the server.

I guess the main issue will be on how many times these messages are coming through, how many of these crash/error reports are you getting?


Also since the report includes the username and android version, activity, etc ; linking the user to the type of errors would be helpful in understanding for example if they did not download any courses, what error messages that user received.
The main issue here would be how to get a list of all crush/error reports with the usernames.

Hi @hakimks, the bug reports should all also be available on the Splunk/Mint site - which also gives some consilidated analytics about the errors, no times they’ve occurred, when etc.

Also I’m sure that are ways to add additional info to the bug reports, the user name is one that we added (see: line 69 in the StartUpActivity class: https://github.com/DigitalCampus/oppia-mobile-android/blob/master/app/src/main/java/org/digitalcampus/oppia/activity/StartUpActivity.java), so I’m sure it’s possible to add more data (eg no courses installed etc),