Are course certificates given?

Hi all,
This is from an email query we received asking if course certificates are given for OppiaMobile courses.

The issuing of certificates is specific to the Oppia implementation, at the request/requirement of the relevant Ministry of Health and/or the implementing partner organisations.

The main reason being that certificates issued by MoHs (or similar) will carry much more weight, potentially also counting towards health workers continuous professional development credit requirements, than if Digital Campus was to provide certificates.

Currently, I’m aware that the Ethiopian MoH is keen to provide certificates for the courses that are approved by them for their OppiaMobile implementations. I’m not so clear yet about some of the other country implementations, but am sure the other MoHs will also be looking to implement certificates.


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I just finished the course.should I wait for the certification or is there something that I can do to get it?


Hi @mire - thanks for posting your message.
For the certificates is depends on the specific Oppia app you’re using and which course you’ve completed. Currently I believe only the Ethiopia Covid app is issuing certificates.

Hi,alex I am also at Ethiopia so, how can get certificate from Moh of Ethiopia

Hi @Ararso ,
Thanks for your message, I’ll pass this over to the Ethiopia team to respond to as I’m not fully sure how they are distributing the certificates at the moment.
@tfeyissa is this something you could respond to? (+ @ldewit)


Hi Ararso,
I hope you have completed your course/ courses in the COVID-19 Ethiopia app. Currently, we are issuing certificates manually. Due to vast number of learners requesting for certificate, this may not be quick enough as intended. The manual issuance may take time(based on learners completion order/ sequence) but still you will get your certificate. To minimize this load, we are currently integrating an automatic issuance of certificates from the app itself. Hopefully we will be releasing it soon, you will get notified when ready.


Okay ! Thanks for your commitment that you replied for my opinion

Excuse me, still I’m looking for my certificate from you, is it on processing or not ?
or to get it timely what should i do or what you expected from me?
With great regards

@tfeyissa I hope you can respond to @Ararso about this?
Thanks, Alex

I just completed the course,but didn’t got the certificate.
What should I do to get it?

Hi @GALATAWAK @Ararso ,
Currently, we are not issuing automatic certificates. It is per the direction given from EPHI that it is suspended. You can communicate the EPHI for more info.