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Automated bug crash reporting libraries - suggestions needed!

Hi all,

Currently the Oppia app uses the Mint library (https://mint.splunk.com/) for sending back automated bug crash reports.

One problem we seem to have with this is that bug reports aren’t sent back when the app is not connected to the internet (as far as we can tell anyway). Since many Oppia users are very often offline, it means it’s hard for us to track particular issues that occur in the field, where it’s difficult for us to get the stack trace directly from the device.

If anyone knows any automated bug/crash reporting libraries/products for Android that will store any bug/crash reports and send when the device has a connection, that would be very helpful to know.


One suggestion that I’ve been given is Crashlytics (https://try.crashlytics.com/), but haven’t yet been able to find out if this works when the device is offline too. If anyone else knows if it does, then please let me know!

I don’t see it stated anywhere in the Crashlytics homepage, but this answer in StackOverflow from one of the company workers says that it logs crash data when offline and send it back to the server once an internet connection becomes available: https://stackoverflow.com/a/43622826

But according to this FAQ, Splunk Mint also does that…

Thanks @jjoseba - I wonder why then the bug reports only seem to come through erratically? Probably will be hard to get a definitive answer for this. There is an updated version of the Mint library (v5.2.5 - https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/MintAndroidSDK/latest/DevGuide/Changelog) so would be good to update to this version anyway .

If they don’t have the support for offline crash report can we change our api from Splunk to
Firebase Crashlytics. it supports offline crashing as their core developer suggests here.