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Back/Next Button on Activities

Hello Oppia forum,

We received some UI feedback on Oppia from our Education team. They requested that a back/next button be added to activities. I find that this is more intuitive than swiping (though would suggest keeping swiping as an option to move forward/back).

Here’s a mock-up of what they have proposed:

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Thanks for suggesting this!

However, I have a couple of concerns… firstly, this might work well on larger screens, but on much smaller screens it may take up too much screen space? From the image it looks like this might have been on a small tablet?

Secondly, when you go to the quiz activities, these have back/next buttons, so I think that would get confusing for users to have 2 rows of back/next buttons .

In the current sprint we’re doing some work to come up with some suggested designs for tablet display, so can make better use of the extra screen space that is available. So it’s more likely we’d be able to incorporate this idea into a tablet layout, though the quiz button navigation buttons will still be an issue.

Another option could be to add an overlay when the user first installs and uses the activities to show they can swipe between activities?


Thanks Alex,

Good points on the small screens. We have 4.5" phones in Liberia that the buttons would take up the screen.

One option, that I believe I’ve seen deployed in Kobo Collect, is the option to enable/disable the next/back buttons.

But that’s also a good point about the confusion with quiz button navigation. I don’t have an answer for how that would be handled. And I also really like the introductory training overlay.

This development isn’t urgent (or yet decided), so let’s continue discussing

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