Best practices for eLearning

Hi all
We are fromt the project ComBaCaL and currently using CHT for our task scheduling/screening etc. The goal would now be to get some kind of mLearning/eLearning to train disease knowledge etc.
The three approaches are:

  • Using tasks inside CHT

  • Oppia Mobile

  • Use moodle or any other platform
    This looks promising but we do not know much more.

We need the offline first approach and some sort of gamification should be possible.
Which approach would you opt for, also with in mind that the dev team is very small and CHT/ Oppia do have completely differen techstacks?

Hi @sirofjelly
Thanks for your message and apologies for long time in getting back to you (been travelling recently). Since I’m from the Oppia team, I’ll try my best to be objective when thinking about Moodle too!

Your list of possible approaches looks right to me, and can see that it’s not always going to be straightforward to decide.

In terms of using tasks inside CHT, I suspect the main consideration here will be about the size and amount of content you want to deliver. If you’re just thinking about a few images/videos/text that helps the CHWs as they are completing the forms, then tasks inside CHT might be sufficient. But if you want to develop courses, in the sense that the content has some structure between activities, might be used independently of the CHT app, and could contribute to professional development etc, then likely a course management system is likely to be best.

For differences between Oppia vs Moodle… Oppia was built with offline first approach, although Moodle can also now have offline courses. Moodle has a much wider range of activity types available, but in offline first these might not be so useful. Oppia has options for syncing and sharing content using bluetooth, allowing offline registration/login, sideloading of courses and content (ie can be preloaded onto devices), I’m not aware that you can do these with Moodle. Also (being biased!), Oppia has a simpler user interface.

hope that helps,