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Bulk uploading of users

Via email:

  1. Creating users one by one: Is it possible to enter all the custom fields during the creation time rather than going to search user–> edit profile? There are some custom required fields to be entered on creation. Currently there are few fields (username, password, first name, last name) which are under the personal info section. This request is simple to bring on the custom fields to the front during the account creation process.

  2. During the bulk upload, I wanted the user passwords (default) to be uploaded along with the other fields too. Can you clarify how this can be possible? I mean the id name for the password field and whether to duplicate (for “enter twice” kind).

For both questions, yes, you can upload user profiles with both the custom fields and setting a password at the same time.

Go to the “upload users” page in the server dashboard (will be /profile/upload/) and you can see the fields that you can upload.

Note that bulk uploading users needs a CSV file with the field names exactly as shown on the upload users page, otherwise they will get ignored.


Thanks for the clarification Alex. But question # 1 was not via the bulk upload method. This is about creating account in the normal process. May you see it again?

Hi @tfeyissa , I’m not sure then where you;re creating the users, it is via the django/oppia admin pages?

If you want to set all the fields at the same time, you can just use the registration form instead of the admin pages.


@alex Yes, I am talking about creating users via Django admin. In this case, it allows the inclusion of few fields. So, if you want to add extra custom fields data for that user, you need to go back and search the user and edit the profile to add such additional records. Now, what I am saying is, from Django admin, in the account creation process, is it possible to bring on all the custom fields for data entry? Searching the user back and editing his/her profile to add additional data is a two step task. I have attached screenshot (where such additional custom fields to appear) for clarity.

Thanks @tfeyissa I see the problem now…
To add the extra profile fields to this form, we’d need to add a task for this (I’ve put one up on Jira, see: Log in with Atlassian account)

I see the reason that you can;t use the register form (which would allow you to add all the profile fields in one go), is because self-registration is not enabled on this server, so you can’t access this form.

A very temporary way around this could be to enable the self-registration whilst you’re adding the users. The self-registration can be turned off/on in the Django admin pages (under Settings > Settings and change the OPPIA_ALLOW_SELF_REGISTRATION value), this would allow you to then access the usual registration form. So you could turn on/off whilst you’re adding the users.

Of course it would allow others who go to the server to self-register too during the time it’s enabled, but self-registering wouldn’t be available from the app. For sure, this isn’t ideal, and is only a temporary workaround for now.