Course Deleted message

Hi @hakimks @alex, created Test Course to test skip feedback, exported using “EE” course design in “Draft/Testing” status to “” connection. Was able to download the course on the App, but unable to open it because it gives me a “Course Deleted from the server” message on the Oppia App. The App version that I have installed on my device is [].
Course: Course: IW Test Course (
Any advise is much appreciated.

Hi @isaacwilliams , @hakimks

I think I know what’s happening here…

The app keeps a cache of the current courses and their statuses, which is updated periodically by the app. This is for informing users if there are new courses, course updates and also courses that should be deleted.

In this case, a new course has been published and then downloaded to the app straight away. However the cache hasn’t yet updated, so the app thinks this course doesn’t exist and therefore should be deleted.

@isaacwilliams I suspect if you look again today at the app, the course will no longer show as being to delete (assuming you have internet connection so the cache will have updated) and @hakimks probably this explains why you saw the issue to start with, but then later on it had gone.

In version v7.3.5 of the app it will update the cache whenever you go to download courses, so this issue shouldn’t occur. @hakimks I’m not sure if this is exactly the same cause as the issue you were having, as presume you have a more recent version of the app and maybe it was to do with changing server.


@Alex, Yes, that’s correct! I don’t see the delete bin.
Kindly point me to the latest version of the App please.
Thanx a ton.