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Course reminder notifications when multiple users on same device?

Hi @ldewit & @tfeyissa ,

This is more an open question for us all to consider, rather than a specific tech dev issue (which is why I’m putting here rather than on Jira)…

Do we need to change how the course reminder notifications work when there are 2 or more users sharing the same device? Eg would we need to have individual notifications for each user (perhaps mentioning them by name in the notification)? This might be ok for very few users, but might get irritating if there are many users (eg ~5+?) sharing the same device.

For info, how we’ve got this set up for the task in the Oct 21 sprint, is that the course reminder will appear if any user has not completed their course/s, and will still appear even if no users are currently logged into the app. The reminder will only appear once (not once for each user), and the preferences can only be configured for the whole app (not on a per-user level). This multi-user part wasn;t something we considered when doing the Oct 21 task, so hope what we have set up is sufficient for now, and we can refine in later sprint if needed.

@jjoseba & @jbc25 - please feel free to add any thoughts/comments here too,