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Course Update Notifications

From email:

"How are the course update notifications being sent since it seems google GCM / firebase is nolonger used for that in the current oppia implementations. "

The Google GCM was actually only used for the remote admin part, rather than for the updated course notifications. Since GCM is not longer maintained (I believe) and this remote admin is not been used by any implementations, this has been removed.

For the course notifications, it checks approx every 12 hours (and/or when the trackers are sent to the server). The code for this is in the TrackerWorker class (lines ~90-100), see: https://github.com/DigitalCampus/oppia-mobile-android/blob/master/app/src/main/java/org/digitalcampus/oppia/service/TrackerWorker.java


Thanks Alex. I was thinking of using a similar approach of sending out course update notifications to sending out new course published notifications… or querying all the registered users who have not downloaded any course and sending them notification reminding them to do so

Thanks @hakimks for the pull request about the notification service when a user hasn’t downloaded any courses.

One thing I think would be good to update here is to use the “DOWNLOAD_COURSES_DISPLAY” number to determine the minimum number of courses a user should have installed.

On the homepage, if the number of course installed is less than this value then the “+ manage courses” appears below the list of courses.

Usually this is just set to 1 (so then is disappears after the user downloads their first course), but in the case of the Ethiopia app it is set to 2, since the about course is pre-installed. So for Ethiopia we’d want to ensure they downloaded more than just the pre-installed about course.

hope that makes sense?

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yes it does make sense, I have made the necessary changes, so it checks the the installed courses against the DOWNLOAD_COURSES_DISPLAY. I am going to test this with the Ethiopia app and submit a new pull request it case it passes.