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DHIS2 integration

Hi all,
Over the coming months we’re going to start developing an export function for exporting data to DHIS2.

Personally I have very limited experience with DHIS2, so to start with we’ll look at creating a CSV export file, that I hope can be imported into DHIS2. But later on we can look at having this export done automatically (eg via API).

We need to figure out what the appropriate data to export will be. Our initial suggestion is to export the data using username/id with a monthly aggregate for the following indicators:

  • Number of activities completed
  • Number of points earned
  • Number of quizzes passed

We’d be very interested to know if this is a good starting point for the indicators, or if there are other ones that MoH teams would like/need to have exported for the types of reports they’d run in DHIS2.

Any feedback welcome.


@NickGordon & @Julie

I was having a look at the initial dhis2 export, using the indicators I mentioned above. but one thing that occurred to me is that the dates for the activity is going to need to be based on the date submitted onto the server, rather than the date from the phone device (as discussed before with the phones getting reset back to 1/1/2017).

I assume that this is going to be OK for this initial work, but just wanted to flag this up.

Hi @alex ,

Agreed, the timestamp issue is definitely going to be a problem for associating monthly activities with months that they were actually completed. Initially, we may need to associate this instead with the date that the data was uploaded.

But overall, excited about this integration! Here’s some thoughts on your proposed indicators:

  • Number of activities completed: Would it be possible to disaggregate this information by course? It’s useful to see individual learning, but would be keen to report on the volume of activity for individual learning modules.

  • Number of quizzes passed: As is, this indicator does not have a denominator, and so doesn’t tell me the number of overall attempts. So would prefer to see the % of quizzes passed of the number of attempts.

  • One use case that I’d like to be able to track Liberia’s progress through each of their CHW modules (at least once). I’d love to see something like A) the % of users that have completed each course or B) Overall % of progress of the workforce through each course


Thanks @NickGordon

All of the indicator updates you raise are certainly possible, however I think we need to figure out first how these (or the original ones I suggested) are going to be linked to the other DHIS2 data, and so what makes sense for the Liberian MoH, given the other data they have in DHIS2, and what reports they want to run against this.

I guess a lot of this might come out in discussions directly with the Liberian MoH, so would be great if you can invite them to join this forum as we figure this out.

On the other side, even if these changes don’t make sense for direct exporting to DHIS2, they are reports that we could build into the core Oppia.

So for me I think the distinction is between what reports/data needs to go to DHIS2 vs what (likely more detailed) reports/data should be available directly in the Oppia dashboard,