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Enlarged course tile on home page

Hi Alex and team,

We’ve encountered some strange formatting of the courses on the home page where one or two course tiles show up twice as large as all the others (screenshot attached). We were able to recreate the other day by rotating the phone from portrait to landscape and back to portrait. Any idea what might be happening and how we can prevent going forward?


Thanks for flagging this up @Julie, I’ve added as issue on GitHub, ready for the next (Nov) sprint (see: https://github.com/DigitalCampus/oppia-mobile-android/issues/901).
Likely there will be some other UI updates from the user field testing in Liberia, so we can deal with these together.

@Julie Could you please tell us the device manufacturer and model? It seems is something related with the screen size. Thank you

@jbc25 The device was a OnePlus 6T. I actually wasn’t able to recreate on the BLU Grand Energy

Ok thanks @Julie . Thats what I need for now. It make sense that is a problem with a large screen for a phone (6.41"). It is in the middle between a phone and a tablet. When it is in portrait orientation it takes the resources of a phone and in landscape it take the layout of a tablet. That’s the reason of the bug, but we can fix this programmatically.

This should be fixed now, and the fix will be in v7.0.2 version of the app.