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Feedback display for quizzes

Received via email:

Would oppia hate it if I added >> before text in the feedback of a quiz so that you can clearly see the different lines? Ideally we wanted to add bullet points to each feedback in a quiz because when Moodle and Oppia show feedback it is all smooshed into one paragraph when it is actually different lines. However when we added the >> before every feedback of every quiz, on the app it shows up broken, is there a way to fix this?



The feedback display options in the Oppia app (both for the immediate feedback after each question, and the end of quiz feedback) currently use a plain text Android field, so this displays exactly as-is, without converting/rendering HTML that might be included.

A temporary fix for dividing out the end of quiz feedback into separate lines should be to add “\n” at the end of each feedback text. This will then display in Moodle, if you are looking at the quiz feedback there, but it will divide out the lines for each feedback response when displayed in the Oppia app. Hopefully this will also remove the need to add “>>” at the beginning of each feedback text.

The longer term fix of course is for us to update the Oppia app so that these feedback texts render HTML rather than just plain text, but that needs some tech dev and testing on the app side,


@Alex, added the “\n” at the end of each feedback text. It did not separate out sentences, rather displayed the “\n” on the App. Also toyed with wrapping the statement with !! but did not work either (attached pic). A new Sentence should begin
at every “Sirri” instance. Your advise please.

Hi @isaacwilliams
If the ‘\n’ is getting displayed then likely it’s getting escaped (that’s the technical reason at least).
The only way to fix this so that html can be displayed in the feedback responses is for us to do some tech dev work on this. I’ll put up a task on Jira for this.
So for now, until this task is done, the only way will be to avoid putting html in the feedback.

Thanks @Alex. Will wait to hear from you.

@alex are there other fields that are plain text currently and worth converting to HTML also while at it?

Hi @ldewit ,
Probably the questions and response options too - there was already a task in Jira (#763) for allowing html in the description field.

In implementing this, there will be some things we’ll need to be conscious of about the upgrade path here… mainly due to the fact the tags are stripped out on export from Moodle. for example this sequence:

  1. A user has version 1 of the app (that doesn’t display the HTML), and a current version of the course, with the HTML already stripped out - so the questions/feedback etc display as now
  2. The updated Moodle export block is pushed out (so HTML no longer being stripped out), and the course is republished
  3. Until the user has the next version of the app (which will display the HTML), they will see the HTML tags being displayed as plain text.

I’m not sure there is a way around this - @jjoseba - do you have any ideas here to avoid this?