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Feedback not showing correctly

“Unit 6 > Session 1 > Session quiz > Afan Oromo > Q 3”
has two answers but it gives feedback to only one of the two answers. It missed feedback to the second answer even if it is selected correctly.
Any assistance will be of help.

Editing quiz: Session 1: Quiz (Afan Oromo) (communityhealthacademy.org)


@isaacwilliams … I just had a look at this.
I’m not quite sure on this, when I tick all the answers I get all the feedback showing as expected:

Please can you send a screenshot and let me know what answers you selected (the full text of the answer, not only the number of them, as they can get randomised in the app, so what is possible answers 1,2,3,4 for me might not show in same order on your device).