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Feedback questions showing up as mandatory on Oppia

I am creating feedback forms for learners to fill out on the Oppia Course. On the Moodle end, these feedback quizzes are all optional. But, they show up as mandatory on Oppia Mobile. Is there any way I can fix that?

Hi @whedidar,

At the moment the Oppia app requires all activities to be completed and all the feedback questions to be responded to (the feedback activity code is basically the same as the quiz activity code). Oppia doesn’t support all the options etc that Moodle provides, since Moodle has a lot of options for many of the activities.

A couple of queries from me, are you looking for:

  1. each of the feedback questions to be optional; or
  2. the whole feedback activity itself to be optional (so the user doesn’t need to complete it to complete the course); or
  3. both of the above?

Certainly these are things that can be put into Oppia, but we’ll need some tech dev to implement it. I’ll follow up with @Manuel and @Julie when I next talk to them,


Thanks @alex – we are putting this on hold for now.

Is there any prerequisite after completion of courses to be certified ?

Hi @Ararso ,

Thanks for your query. I presume in this case you are asking about the Covid training app in Ethiopia?

@Julie - would you be able to respond to this aspect about the certification? As I know you’ve been talking to the Ethiopia team about this.