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Get data on Android versions of users

Question from Abraham Via email.
Hi @alex
For the COVID 19 Ethiopia app, is it possible to find out, either from the google playstore account or the oppia server, how many users who downloaded the app are using android version 5 and below; and/or how many users downloaded and registered in the app using android version 5 and below. More than half of the 9000 or so registered users have not been able to download courses and wanted to know how much of that could be attributed to android version incompatibility.

The analytics in the play store account will have this info on the number of installs on various android versions (and even the actual devices too) - the Oppia server doesn’t store this information.

Specifically for the Ethiopia app, the version on the play store right now, we know does not work on Android 5 or below. There have a been quite a few updates to Oppia since this app was released, and it will now work on Android 5 (but won’t work on Android 4), plus there are updates to the permissions required when first installing. I know the team there was concerned about the location/bluetooth request and this has been removed and the user is only prompted for this permission if they try to use the bluetooth functionality.

For info the full set of updates can be found here: https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/technical/releases/app/changelog_android_v7.html - the version on the play store for Ethiopia is based on v7.1.0.


Thanks for reply, the current Ethiopia app version on playstore is 7.1.1c and I think its based to v7.1.1 and the Minimum Android supported is v5+

Ah OK! I hadn;t released that they had pushed the updated version out in July… So the issues with Android 5 should just be for users who had the first version that was released at the very end of May.