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How to put [media] of a video to moodle

Hi there,
I tried to put a video to a course in our moodle installation to export it to our oppiamobile server.

First I uploaded the video to our oppiamobile server and the video can be displayed if I copy the link in the [media] section, so this should be ok.

Then I tried to put the generated [media] string to the moodle course.
But I could not find out how to place it there.
I placed it in the content section of a page
But then I got

Error 1871 : Element ‘media’: This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( title, image, location ). in /var/www/vhosts/moodle.renewables-liberia.info/httpdocs/blocks/oppia_mobile_export/output/3/temp/reextest/module.xml on line 15

Is there any documentation showing this? The documenation at https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/content/video_embed.html says “you can embed your media into your page on Moodle” but I couldn’t figure out the procedure…

Thanks for your help


I have attached a screen shot of how this looks like.

All you have to do after generating the embed code using the Media Embed Helper on the oppia server (https://oppiaserver.com/content/media-embed-helper/), you go ahead and create the page and paste the code there. you can replace the ‘IMAGE/TEXT HERE’ with am image (like in the screen shot) or text.

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It works now. I basically did the same before and got the error, but now I cannot reproduce it, your procedure works well anyway!

There’s also now the option to directly upload a video to the Oppia server, and it will generate the embed code for you too, see: https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/content/video_embed.html

This then avoids the need to have the video file hosted elsewhere.

Thanks Alex,

we already tried that out and it works fine.
Our course generators were a little bit disappointed that they could not upload the video to moodle and it is exported from there…

But anyway you are doing a great work with Oppiamobile and I wanted to thank you for that.



Thanks Jürgen,

For sure, I fully understand that the video embed process is very idiosyncratic. We have an outstanding tech dev task to make this much easier.

Generally we’ve tried to keep the media and course content separated, the main reason being that if all the media is directly embedded in the course content, then the course packages get large and might be hard for users to download. Then if there is a text update to the course, users probably shouldn;t need to download the media too as part of this.

Partly as a result of this decision we took early on in the development makes it a little more tricky for us to change this easily. But we do have some possible options on how to update this and make the video/media embedded much less idiosyncratic and more in line with how Moodle works with this.