Https:// not accessible

Hi all, is anyone else having problems logging into ?
Unable to get in over last two days…

Hi Steve,

Can you try to log in again? There has been a server downtime that should be resolved by now.

I just tried and I was able to log in.

Please, let us know if you are still encountering issues.


Thank you! All good!

Hi again Alberto, are we down again? Best, Steve

it is back online, thanks.

Hi @Steve apologies for this disruption, we’ve had some issues with the disk space and been trying to figure out what’s going wrong. It looks like we had the Moodle course backups being saved on the same machine, these then got very large and filled the disk. I’ve now moved these backups to go directly to AWS S3 storage, so the issue ought to be fixed up properly now

Great and thanks for the update. Didn’t want to bother you right away but had a deadline to meet.