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Images broken on the App [Staging]

Hi Alex, pictures show up as a broken thumbnail on the App. You see any reasons why this occurs? Just for information, I’ve added text into the “description for someone who cannot see”. Kindly advise.
Thank you.

Hi Alex, go slow on this one. Nevertheless, could be good to explore what the issue might be, but its not on the critical path.

All good with the course we are currently working with - images are visible w/o a problem. We were just looking at a different version (could be a test version). The courses I’m working on currently has a "COURSE #: SL - " that works perfectly fine.

So, I’d like to wrap this case from my end. Thanks anyways for all your support.

Hi @isaacwilliams ,

plus @NickGordon @ebennert @Julie

I just had a look at this, I tested exporting the course (this one: https://moodle.communityhealthacademy.org/course/view.php?id=55) to my staging server, and loading on the core oppia app. The images seem to be loading fine now.

Via email you mentioned something about changing the course name and I wondered if you’d also changed the course shortname too? The issue earlier with images not loading might have been if there was a # sign (or other non-alphanumeric character) in the course shortname. The shortname is used as a directory name in the app file system, so sometimes “odd” characters might cause problems. Usually it;s best to keep the course short name to be alphanumeric characters (with “-” or “_” instead of spaces).

Anyway from your email it seems like its working ok now, but let me know if you’re still getting some problems,

Hi Alex, thank you for that advise. Just to say that the course name has a “:” (colon) & a “-” (hypen) and no other non-alphanumeric characters. As of now, there are no issues with the course. Will reach out if we bump into other challenges. Will ensure we maintain these rules on course names.

Thank you once again.

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