Importing H5P content

Hi all, has anyone tried importing H5P content into Moodle? I can import it using the button on the banner and see it displayed correctly inside Moodle, but it does not display in OppiaMobile. Thanks! Steve

Hi Steve,
The OppiaMobile export block only supports the core Moodle activity types (see documentation). If it encounters any activity of another type during the export process, it will simply be ignored.
I guess that your option was to create a normal page activity and embedding a H5P content inside. I’ve tried downloading the plugin and doing so, but as you mention, it is not displayed. The problem is that the H5P content is not translated into HTML when you embedded it. Instead, this process is done at runtime.

So, to be able to run H5P content the course would need to load the H5P libraries and do this process from within the app internal browser. This is currently not supported by OppiaMobile, but I don’t see any big obstacles for a possible integration.