In app presentation, words are merging together without spaces in between

“Wordsare” often “mergingtogether” on the mobile app UI. I tried a couple of different fonts to see if it that would make a difference but still happening. Any suggestions for a solution besides work around of adding spaces? Thanks!

hi @Steve
Hmmm… that’s a bit odd, and we’ve not seen that before. It sounds like it might be something to do with stylesheets or similar, as the app does very little/nothing on the page content, other than exporting the page html.
To figure out where this might be going wrong, please could you send a screenshot of how it’s looking in the app and also the html of the page content from Moodle (or a link that we can access to see the page in Moodle).

Hi Alex, your response helped me figure it out. The missed spaces are line breaks in the html text and the missed space problem resolves when I remove the line break. I am not sure how the line breaks are getting in there, I am cutting and pasting from our powerpoints but the line breaks are not part of that text formatting. For now, I will go in and remove the line breaks. Best, Steve


It can sometimes be difficult to know when something is an emergency 
Lets look at four different cases:

Hmm… it did not ignore the html

Hi @Steve
OK… seems you’ve got some way with this. We’ve come across something similar-ish before, when copying into Moodle from a pdf or Word/powerpoint doc, it often brings across a load of unnecessary html (like the font-size span in your example). Since this html is embedded in the page, it overrides whatever is in the CSS stylesheet when displayed in the app.

For the example you sent, the only html that’s needed is:

<p>It can sometimes be difficult to know when something is an emergency </p>
<p>Lets look at four different cases:</p>

basically all the rest is “junk”. and is likely affecting the display in the app.

When copying from other docs, there are 2 different approaches that we’ve used before:

  • copy into a plain text editor (eg notepad) first, then paste into Moodle from there. This will remove any unnecessary html, so then what you paste into Moodle is only the text that’s needed
  • When pasting, if you use Ctrl+Shift+v then it ought to only paste the plain text, without the formatting, so then you don’t end up with the formatting html being pasted in too.

Hope that helps

Perfect, cheers Alex!