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"Instant feedback" - comments not showing up

Hi Alex, expectation is to bring up (instant) feedback for every question. I understand “General Feedback” option should help us achieve this requirement. The App does not bring up the feedback.

Added some comments in the ‘General Feedback’ field on this Quiz to test this feature:

But it does not show up on the App. Requesting your support.
Thank you.

Hi @isaacwilliams

When you export the course, there’s an option for each quiz to determine when the feedback is shown, see:

So if you update to use “after question and end of quiz” then you should see the feedback after each question, although note that the feedback is shown based on their response to the question (in Moodle the response feedback), rather than the general feedback.
Hope that helps,

BTW… for quizzes that are part of assessment (not just self-learning), you might want to be careful about the feedback being given after every question (that shows if they’ve given right/wrong answer), as it gives users an opportunity to update their answer before they have the quiz completed

Hey Alex, this is cool. Tested and it works well.
Thank you for your great support.

Good advise Alex. Noted.
Thank you.

hi Alex, is there a way to change the title of this thread to “Instant feedback” please. Apologies!
Thank you.

Yes, have edited the topic thread title

Thanks Alex. Have a great one!

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