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Interface for customising the points awarded

Hi all,

In a recent release, we moved all the points awarding process to being done within the app (previously the points were awarded by the server, so users needed a connection to see their points increase). At the same time we also started to put in place the initial work to allow a custom number of points per activity. So for example one activity might give 10 points, but another more complicated/longer activity might give 30 points - rather than before when the points per activity was fixed.

So although we can now have this all defined in the module.xml file of the course, we don;t yet have a way for course authors to edit the number of points per activity (unless the module.xml is manually edited).

There are 2 places where we could put an interface to allow the number of points to be edited - either in the Moodle export block, or in the Oppia server dashboard.

My preference is to do this editing in the Oppia dashboard, but would appreciate any feedback on this as to whether that’s really the best place for this…