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Introduce yourself!

If you have just signed up to the OppiaMobile community site then please send us a quick reply to introduce yourself, where you work, your interest in OppiaMobile or anything else!

To get us started, Iā€™m Alex, the founding developer of Oppia, but now mainly just do the technical management, I also manage this forum/community, so please let me know if you have any feedback, either directly to me, or in the community feedback section at: https://community.oppia-mobile.org/c/community-feedback

I am Faraz Ahmed and work as Android developer and also participate in open source code and apart from that I do manage Android application for Sehat ghar which is forked version of Oppia Mobile.

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Great - thanks @farazahmed :smile:

Iā€™m Kawesi Hakim, I work on the Open Deliver Project Uganda, both the server and mobile oppia applications.

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Thanks @hakimks ! and also for making the pull request for https://github.com/DigitalCampus/oppia-mobile-android/issues/824

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