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Issues with Android 5.0.2

There is a user with android version 5.0.2, she successfully installed, registered, logged and even was able download all the courses and and media files. Problem is she can not open any activity in the download courses. She can open the courses and see the list of all the activities, but tapping on any activities makes the app to crush. Other things are working well, you can access the bottom navigation icons , click on them and the app does not crush. Selecting the ‘About’ menu item also makes the app to crush.

Hi @hakimks - thanks for letting us know… a couple of follow up queries…

  1. do you know if others using 5.0.2 are having the same/similar issue?
  2. do you have any logcat output from when the app crashes, or data from the Mint error/reporting?

These would be really helpful to know.


Hi @alex unfortunately, I am not able to get the logcat output, and I am not receiving any Mint errors from this particular incident. I am going to try and get an android 5.0.2 phone and test it out. (After crushing it asks to send an error report which i did, but I am sure where that report is sent to)

@hakimks I have access to a service where I can test on real devices with different OS versions via the cloud. I could see if I can replicate the issue on a Moto G 2nd Gen V5.0, if that’s helpful. If so, could you send me the APK for the app version where the issue occurred?

@Manuel Thank you. here is the apk - https://drive.google.com/file/d/15vpZ7IMg1HuAx_6Ur2jElG_FbFh3SgF8/view?usp=sharing

Thanks a lot, @hakimks
I just tested it on Android version 5.0.2 with Moto G 2nd Gen and was able to do everything including accessing and completing activities. So sadly not able to provide any helpful information in fixing this.

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@Manuel - thanks for checking this… good to know that it doesn’t seem to be a more general problem. But now is probably harder to figure out what’s going wrong on this particular device!

And its working perfectly on a physical device (HTC with android 5.0.2)

Thanks @hakimks - good to know.
I guess for now we might need to put this issue to one side, and can follow up in more detail later if there are reports of more users with the same issue (and we can get some logcat output too)?

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