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Media files appearing on computer but not phone

Hi Alex and team,

(fyi @NickGordon)

I recently installed v7.0.1 as well as the Digital Health Basics and CHA Basics courses on a Blu Grand Energy phone, but am having some trouble with the associated media files. When I have the phone plugged into my laptop I can see the media files in the expected folder on the phone (This PC\Grand Energy\Internal storage\Android\data\org.lastmilehealth.oppiamobile\files\media), but when I look in the same folder on the on device, the folder is empty. In the app I’m seeing a message that the courses are missing media files. Screenshots attached to help clarify.

Is there any reason why the media files would appear in the phone’s folder on a laptop, but not on the actual device?


In the app, if you press on the download missing media button, what does it show?

For viewing the files in the folder on the app, it does have a .nomedia directive - which means that any apps on the device that comply with this directive won’t show any of the media. The reason for having this is that without it, the videos etc can show up on the general media player app on the device. We found in some implementations that users were watching the videos just through the general device media player (rather than through the app), so we would lose any information about the fact they had played the media.

Hi Alex, when I click the download button I see the following:

hmmm… yes I can see it’s showing in the app that some videos need to be downloaded, but ones that are already showing in the Windows file manager.

I wonder if this might be to do with the storage location that is set up for the app. It looks like in Windows you’re looking at the internal device storage. But perhaps the app is set to use the sd card for storage? That might explain this issue.

You can see/change the storage location the app uses in the app settings screen - so would be helpful to know which one is currently set on your device - if you could send on that info/screenshot.