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Minimum version of Android to support?

Hi all,

Currently the Oppia app supports versions of Android down to ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ (Android v4). This was released in Oct 2011 - so is over 8 years ago now. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_version_history

Supporting very old versions of Android makes things tricky for the code maintenance, so we’re considering making the minimum supported version to be Lollipop - Android v5 - released in Nov 2014, so is still a 5 year old version of Android.

Before we do this though I’d be interested to know if this might cause any problems for current implementations. @hakimks and @SidraRiaz - I’d be particularly interested to get your thoughts on this.

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Hi Alex
This would be fine with me , no one will be affected since they are using the latest android tablets.

Thanks @hakimks - I presumed it would be the case, but did want to check first!

Yes, I did check for the android versions of the users who have it installed ( on the play store admin console statistics) and the lowest person has version 6.0 .

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