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New Oppia app and server releases

Hi all,
Yesterday we released updated versions of the Oppia app and server. The new version numbers are v6.8.0 for the app and v0.11.1 for the server, the master branch on the respective github repositories are now up to date with these latest versions. The full list of improvements, feature updates and bug fixes can be found at: https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/technical/releases/server/changelog_server_v0.11.html#v0-11-1-released-25-jun-2019 (server) and https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/technical/releases/app/changelog_android_v6.html#v68-6-8-0-released-25-jun-2019 (app)

For the next release of the server, we’ll be finalising the transfer over to using Python 3 and Django 2. Python 2.7 (which the server currently uses) will be deprecated at the end of this year, so there won’t be any new bug/security fixes available for it.

We’d welcome anyone to help test the python 3/django 2 version of the server that we are currently working on (see branch 0.12.0 - https://github.com/DigitalCampus/django-oppia/tree/0.12.0 ) and let us know if you find any issues. For info there are quite a few updates that are needed in the setup when transferring over to Python 3, and we’ve started the upgrade instructions here: https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/technical/releases/server/upgrading/to_0_12_0.html


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