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(Online) transfer of user data/progress

From email: “One thing that I’ve noticed while re-installing the application is that my activity data is not uploading to my device (other than the leaderboard). If I uninstall/re-install the app or log-in on another device, should my activity data automatically be updated?”

I think there are 3 separate things here:

  1. The app is just updated on the device (i.e. new version installed over the top of the old one). In this case all the data/activity etc should be preserved - whether or not the activity etc has been already submitted to the server

  2. The app is removed and the new version installed. In this case anything that has not already been transferred to the server (or to another device) will be lost. Uninstalling the app will remove all the courses, data and activity.

  3. The app is installed on a new device and log in with an existing user account.

For items #2 and #3 on the new install or new device, the previous progress/activity will only be downloaded onto the device for a specific course when this course is downloaded from inside the app (not side loaded by copying the course zip file onto the device) - however this will just download show the activities that have been completed (not the entire tracking data set as this could get very large).

I think if we want to make changes to how this all works (unless there is a specific bug), it would be good to go through building up a workflow process, so we can figure out what the exact sequence of steps should be (not just in the UI), and what data should be transferred at what point. As now that we have the points being assigned by the app, and working in very offline environment, then the activity info, points are much more closely tied to a specific installation on a device.

Hope that helps explain things,