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Oppia App search Error

Hi Alex
Have published a new course “COVID-19 Vaccination Training for Health Workers and Logisticians” to the MOH capacity building app (Uganda). But every time I use the search box to look for something and I try to open it from the search results, the app crushed and it gives the error below:-

Open Deliver Covid-19 (7.1.7): java.lang.RuntimeException: android.os.TransactionTooLargeException: data parcel size 1195120 bytes

Hi Hakim,
I just had a go myself with the core Oppia app, but connecting to your server…

When I had just one or two of the courses installed, the search was working, but when I installed the other courses, then I started to get the same error that you had.

It seems like it might be trying to pass too much data back to the activity when it’s opening (see: android - What to do on TransactionTooLargeException - Stack Overflow). but unclear to me why it should be passing very much data back to the activity.

I’ll raise an issue in Jira for it

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