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Oppia Block exporting deleted Activities

Hi Alex
I have made alot of changes to a particular course and I have deleted several pages/activities from the course. But on exporting the edited course, the deleted activities/pages are still there after updating the course. Even when I delete and download the course again, the deleted pages are still there. But in moodle, they are not.
What might be causing this.

Hi @hakimks,
I have noticed this before, so think I know what the problem and solution is…
In one of the updates to Moodle a while back, the deleted pages aren’t fully removed from the cache in Moodle until the Moodle cron task is run. Moodle also changed the recommended cron run times (to once every 1 min).
So that might be something to check and see if that solves the issue. But let me know if not,

I first cleared the cache through the moodle admin page browser but it didnt work, also running cron through the browser did not work.
I had to run the cron.php file on command line for the problem to be solved.
I think I will set up a crontab task for it to run , maybe once a day.

@hakimks good to know that fixed the issue. Although the recommendation from Moodle is that the Moodle cron task should be run every minute, see: Cron - MoodleDocs so might be better to set it up like that, rather than once per day