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Oppia updates in 2020

Hi all,

As we get to the end of the year, I wanted to give a quick update on the various improvements, features and updates we have made to the Oppia platform over the last year:

Oppia App

  • Improved registration screen/s - allowing for multiple steps
  • Improved bluetooth sync interface
  • Allow linking directly to a course from another app
  • Viewing of full previous quiz attempts and responses
  • 50% increase in automated code test coverage
  • Many other small issue fixes and updates

Oppia Server

  • Improved reporting
  • Automatic generation of quiz discrimination and difficulty indices
  • Download option for quiz and feedback responses
  • Additional badge awarding criteria
  • Improved handling of draft vs live courses
  • Improved permissions management for viewing draft courses
  • Automated test code coverage now at over 90%
  • Many other small issue fixes and updates

Oppia Moodle Export Block

  • Improved design and UI
  • Allow direct embedding and automatic export of media files
  • Improved server connection handling
  • Many other small issue fixes and updates

Full details of all the updates can be found in the release notes: https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/technical/releases/index.html

Happy New Year all!


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