OppiaMobile crashing

Hey Team

As stated above the OppiaMobile application is constantly crashing while trying to open it up after the newest update. The application version is 7.3.9 (worked just fine before this update), server is running v0.12.25-core.1-release and the android tablet is a lenovo tab m10 fhd plus running android 10.

Have you encountered this bug before?

Restarting, uninstalling etc. had no effect.


Hi @sirofjelly

Ah I can see what going wrong here from the automated crash reporting logs… in the latest versions of the app, it checks the course status, but this isn’t available on that particular server version.

So, for now the options are either to update the server (to version 0.14.0 or higher) or to wait until we have this bug fixed in the next app version (should be later this month).

I’ve added a task to our Jira board to get this fixed up,

I’ve been checking the crash reporting logs and after trying to reproduce the issue, it is not a problem of backwards compatibility with old server versions. The issue is that when we added the status badge to the course view, this was not added to the tablet layouts as well, so when trying to show the badge for the courses list in tablet resolutions it fails to find that view.

I’ll create a pull request to solve the issue!