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Points awarded for updating a course

Hi all,
I have noticed that every time I make a new update of a course and make it available for update from the mobile app, am I given 50 points, (the same points I earn for downloading it the first time)
I think updating a course should not earn this much or nothing at all. Or an option should be available under the course global settings to set the number of points incase of an update.

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Thanks Hakim,

Yes I agree that there should also be an option for having different points for when a course is updated than first downloaded.
I’m sure there are several other areas where we could make the gamification options/customisation and the points awarded much more granular.

For now, I’ve added a task in the backlog for adding a points event for updating a course… but let me know if there are other areas where you think having more options for the points would be good,