Problem connecting app to server using IP address

Hi @sirofjelly

The oppa-le-ssl.conf looks quite wrong… it shouldn’t need a redirect in the apache SSL config file (only the non-SSL config - to redirect to the SSL version). There are also quite a few lines missing from this config file, see Server - Manual Installation — OppiaMobile 0.14.3 documentation for an example. All the WSGI config lines are missing and also the directory tags/config.

So for sure you’ll need to add all the WSGI and directory tag lines to you oppia-le-ssl.conf, amending the specific paths if needed (the paths might be fine if this is a copy of the AWS AMI machine), and removing the redirect, then restarting apache.

I’ve no idea why these lines might have been removed from the SSL config file, or if the certbot taks to renew certs would have done this somehow.

Let us know how you get on,

Hey @alex

I do not know why but these important lines must have been deleted during the cert renewal… After adding the WSGI and directory tag lines the server now runs again :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for the help!

Kind regards

Great you got it fixed up @sirofjelly

You could try forcing the cert renewal again to see if you get the same problem again with the lines getting removed (if it was as a result of this, or some other glitch). You can do this with certbot renew --force-renewal but just take a backup of the apache config files first!