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Publishing course issue: larger than 15 MB

Hi Alex, in an attempt to publish the RMNCH course (Community Health Academy: Log in to the site), we keep receiving this error message stating:
“Bad request. This is likely due to missing fields/data. Your course has not been published.
Your file is larger than the maximum allowed (15 Mb). You may want to check your course for large includes, such as images etc.”

We have not uploaded a single file that’s more than 15 MB, and it is unlikely the course has cross the 100 MB mark. We have increased the site limit to 100 MB, and for testing purposes, increased to 100 MB at course level as well. We still keep receiving the same message.

Is there a step missing in the process of increasing file size limit?

Kindly advise.
Thank you.

Hi @isaacwilliams (+ @NickGordon & @ebennert for their info too)

There are 2 separate issues here:

Firstly, there’s an upload file size limit in Moodle, this applied to individual files (images, videos etc) that are uploaded directly into Moodle. This was the one that we had set to 20Mb, but then enabled it to be changed up to 100Mb from within the Moodle admin settings.

Secondly, there’s the max upload size for the Oppia server - this is independent from any Moodle upload size maximums. This is the size of the course that can get published to the Oppia server, although excluding any media files.

So it’s this second Oppia setting that is causing the issue when you publish, and the Moodle upload file sizes won;t have any effect on this. I’m guessing that since it’s a long course, and more images etc have been added, this has pushed it over the 15Mb limit - similar to the issue we had before when the max size was only 5Mb.

I’ve updated the max size on the Oppia server to be 20Mb, but if you’re still adding the content to the course we might come up against the issue again, so will need to increase again,


Hi Alex, 20 MB works well for now. Was able to publish to the server. Will ping again if we run into space issue.
Thank you once again.