Pushing APKs for installation

Hello Team! It would be lovely to receive a notification on the Oppia App stating:
“Update available. Install?”

So, this could happen in three ways (or more):

  1. At user log in
  2. A force-push notification only when APK is released
  3. Menu

Sure enough, you may have deliberated using an end-point management system.


Hi @iwilliams
I’ll add an item for this to the backlog on Jira. I’ve seen this recently in some apps, so you get the notification directly in the app, not just when updating from Google Play.
At the moment the apps that are on the play store will get updated when the next version is up there and the users updates their apps. However for the apps that we sideload, then there’s no reference end point to know a new version has been released.

Sounds good @alex