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Question Types, which ones work in oppia?

Which Moodle core question types work on Oppia? Specifically matching, drag and drop, and fill in missing words?

Hi Liz,

The question types supported in Oppia are:

  • multichoice (including single and multiple choices)
  • matching
  • true/false
  • description/info (so not a real question, just maybe some info about upcoming questions)
  • short answer (ie one or two word responses)
  • numerical

We did have the drag and drop question supported a while back, but with some updates in Moodle, this no longer worked, so we removed it. But could be possible to put back in with some development effort.


Would love to be able to have the drag and drop back. How much dev work? How long might it take?

Additionally, how hard would it be to have a long answer/essay question or is there a “reflection” tool you would suggest if we wanted learners to come back to the app to share what they learned or what questions they may still have? Could we should we use something like the feedback tool?

I’m not totally sure how much dev work this would be, the way that the drag and drop questions were handled changed in one of the Moodle updates in the last year or so. Certainly I recall it was a fair bit of effort the first time we implemented it, mainly because of all the different possible configurations that need to be accounted for.

@jjoseba - do you have an idea about how much effort this might be?


I think it would be best to use the feedback tool, esp since this isn’t something that has right/wrong answers.

For the quiz, we kept away from implementing the essay/long answer question type, basically because they can’t be marked/scored automatically - and then complicates things a lot if we also need to add a “marking” tool (on the server)and sync this back to the user.

Hey Alex,

This pertains to my other question, but putting it here. Could I use the feedback tool and once learners submit an answer, a default response pops up?

Hi @ebennert

If I understand correctly, you’re referring to the discussion here: WYSIWYG Moodle Atto filter: Embed Question - #5 by ebennert?

So the possibility in the link above, is to have a question or feedback directly embedded in an activity page, but no responses are stored, and when the user goes back to the activity again, it won;t show their previous response(s).

But, yes, you could also set up a feedback activity with just 1 question. The con with this is that it’s not inline in the page (eg, between paragraphs), but maybe this isn;t an issue if used as a stop-and-think-about-this type point in the course. On the other side, if added as a feedback activity, then the responses will be recorded by the server (even if you don;t do any analysis on this).

Hope that helps, and maybe follow up more the next time we have the regular call?

Hi Alex,

ME again about question formats. Moodle has a default called select missing words. Is that one possible to get working in Oppia or would that be a nightmare of coding?

Hi @ebennert

I’d not seen that question type before. I guess with all these things the answer is yes, it’ll be possible, but just not sure about the tech dev effort that’s needed.

Something that’s worth bearing in mind if we start to add new question types, is that the UI to display them needs to be added to the app. So if there was some content pushed out with new question types, then we’d need to be sure that users had the up to date version of the app to display it. If users had an older version of the app, then I think the question just wouldn’t display at all, but I’d need to check as it could also just fail to load the quiz at all.

One way you could implement this type of question right now (with out any tech dev needed), could be to use a multichoice question:

“This ______ has some _____ words”

With options to select:

  • question, missing
  • missing, question
  • field, other

And similar for more/less missing words.

I realise it’s not exactly the same as that question type, but might be something you could use right now?

Hi Alex,

When I was reading the docs, select the missing word was listed as one that works in Oppia.
But you do not think it does work? Is it something we could test?

Could we set up a testing app that I have a testing course that I push to so I can play with different functionalities and see how they roll out?

Hi, I’m pretty much certain that question type won’t work…

I think for testing, it would just be best to use the most recent version of the CHA app - the most recent on is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RB_aZNneCQ6S2l0HbD_XjbLGX7FD5yxN/view?usp=sharing but there is a new version at the end of each month (at end of sprint). Then connect to the CHA staging server (https://staging.cha.oppia-mobile.org) for testing. Probably that will be easier than creating another version of the app?

Can follow up more on the call later,