Quiz: previous attempts disappear in multiple case scenarios

Hi, attempts & percentages from previous attempt disappear and are not visible on the App (see pictures) in the following scenarios:

  1. when a new question is added to a Quiz
  2. changed the grading marks against each question


Hi @isaacwilliams,

yes when a quiz is changed it’s treated as a new quiz, so the attempts from the previous version won’t show. There’s currently no way for the app to know that it’s only a small change, a question added, or if the quiz has been completely re-written.

This has always been the case, and same situation as when a page activity is updated/changed, although we’re currently looking at how updated activities can be prevented from being flagged as new.

Although in the case of quizzes having new questions added (or removed), keeping the previous scores etc is going to be odd from a user and M&E perspective, as it won’t be comparing like for like. It’s always going to be best to make sure the course is as final as possible before being made available to users.