Quizzes & Multi-lingual

Hi, enquiring to know how Quizzes & multi-lingual feature works.

If I’ve attempted 2 out 4 questions in English, and switch language to Amharic (for example) to take 3 & 4, how does this impact the scorecard given the different variables including language, user, other; combination of variables? Will it consider the attempt to be one record or multiple records? Will it score the attempt irrespective of the language?

Thank you
Isaac W

Hi @iwilliams
Thanks for posting up here.

Currently if the user changes language mid-way through attempting a quiz, they will go back to the start of the quiz in the new language and the responses for the old language will be ignored. In the quizzes (and feedback), the records/scores etc are only recorded once a user gets to the end of the quiz (onto the results page).

Presumably, most users will set the language when they access a course, so limited need/likelihood (?) for them to switch mid-way through a quiz.

Having this fixed to that it retains the position in the quiz and only changes the language, get a bit harder than it might first look, as there are options for randomising the question ordering, and also selected a random set of questions from the total quiz questions (eg only show 5 out of 10 questions available, and user would get a different 5 questions in different order each time). So all these things need to be taken into account if we’d allow switching midway through a quiz, and preserving their position/score.


Thank you @alex

Sounds good.