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Scorecard terminology

In the app, we have 2 different pages, which both get referred to as the “scorecard”,

Firstly the page which shows the progress on all the courses on a single page:

Secondly the page which shows the progress for a single course, with more detailed information:

But we refer to both of these as the scorecard, which is confusing.

My suggestion would be that we refer to the first one as the “scorecard” and the second one as the “course progress”.

Am open to other suggestions/ideas too for these - and once we have decided then we can update the UI accordingly,


My suggestion would be to more delineate reports between scoring-gamification elements and learning performance management elements.

So scorecard, would only be dashboards relating to points, leaderboards, and badges. And a newly named section for learning performance - activity over time, course completion charts, quiz responses, etc.

“Course Progress” doesn’t entirely capture this, and so I would suggest something more generic like “reports”, “Learning dashboard”, or “Performance”, “Progress”

Alternatively, we could just combine all dashboards into one “scorecard”. This could open up a new launcher page, where user would select which report they would like to see.

We’ve had some more time to discuss this internally. And want to follow-up with more clarity around “scorecard” phrasing. This is actually being used in three different places on the app:

I think still think it’d be more clear to change the “scorecard” phrase to only be used for gamification elements. I’m fairly indifferent to the phrasing, but here’s some suggestions:

  • 1: Bottom bar Scorecard (found on the bottom bar on the home page): This could be changed to “reports” or “performance”
  • 2: Scorecard sub-option (tab under Bottom bar scorecard): This is the first example from your original post. I think this could be called “Learning Progress”
  • 3: Course Scorecard (found by opening course and clicking on the graph icon): Will soon display more detailed reports around quiz responses/performance. This could be displayed as “Course Progress”

One last commont on accessing “Course Progress”: Right now, there is now way to get from the “Scorecard-sub-option”/“Reports” page to the Course-level progress. I’d recommend that this get changed so when clicking on a course-specific chart, Oppia launches the course’s specific report page (rather than the course itself).

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