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Setting up the User Map Visualization

From email…

“I am trying to set up the user map visualization following the documentation, but I cant find the files being referenced - https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/implementers/viz/user_map.html

ah yes, I’d not realised this doc page had got so out of date…

The key updates are:
You just need an IPStack (https://ipstack.com) account and a CartoDB account. The usernames/api keys for these can be set in the Settings table in the Django admin pages. Here you can also turn on/off whether the map vizualisation appears in the dashboard pages.

For the scripts to run these updates, these are now django management commands, see: https://github.com/DigitalCampus/django-oppia/tree/master/viz/management/commands


@hakimks … for the error you mentioned when connecting to cartodb… I wonder if it’s because not all the columns exist.

The columns we have set up for the core Oppia map are:

Actually, no. I only created three columns( lat (number), lng (number), total_hits (number)).
Let add those extra columns and I try again.

For some reason, I could not rename the columns for ‘created_at and updated_at’ after creating them in the cartodb dashboard. so I left them out.
Also the command only worked after changing the dataset/map privacy to public since this is a free account. otherwise it was a giving a 403 error.