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Showing quiz attempts/responses in the app

At the moment in the app you can only see the highest score you’ve ever had for a a quiz, you can’t look back at your previous attempts (when, scores, how many attempts etc).
For a use case in Liberia, they would like the supervisors (during monitoring/support visits) to be able to look at the health workers phone and see what quizzes they have attempted recently.

Here is a mockup that Joseba has created for this:

Here is a first approach at it. The idea is that under the current course scorecard, when you press any of the quiz squares that appear below the piechart, it takes you to the detailed attempts for that quiz. There you would have a summary (total number of attempts, best and average) like in the server, and below that all the attempts for that particular quiz listed by date, showing the final score and using different colors to express if it was passed or not (we don’t have much more info than this). If you press one of the attempts, you can see the detailed response, just like the feedback when you finish answering the quiz.

Another option would be to link somewhere (in the global scorecard maybe?) to an activity that displays all the attempts for every quiz in the app, but in my opinion this can look a bit chaotic.

So it would be great to get any feedback on this…

I like this design and layout and certainly I think it it something we should implement.

However it’s a little unclear to me if this is going to quite meet what the supervisors will want to see. With this design the supervisor would need to click through each course/quiz to find out what quiz activity the health worker has done recently.

As Joseba mentions, perhaps an extra option could be to have an extra tab on the main/global scorecard, which show the recent quiz attempts from all the courses/quizzes - in descending date order (but perhaps only showing attempts from the last month or so).

I don’t see this as being an either/or - both of these ways of viewing the quiz attempts will be useful for different purposes - and I don’t think it should look to chaotic!

Some other feedback I have is more on the learning side, so whether on these pages we want to show the full feedback?

If I was a health worker, I would complete the quiz once, get the feedback, and then retake the quiz - but knowing the feedback I’m likely to get a much higher score (although I’ve not actually learned anything?). I know the feedback is shown at the end of each quiz, but after they’ve navigated off this page, the feedback is no longer available - but with the new design, I can always go back and see the feedback. But perhaps I’m just a cheat!

I guess much will depend on what the actual feedback text is - if it gives the correct answer or if it only suggests areas of the course content the health worker should review before taking the quiz again.
Would welcome feedback/opinions on this too.


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I was not thinking from the perspective of the supervisors. You’re right, the app needs another page to make that task easy for the supervisor.

I’ve made a mockup for the global scorecard quizzes, integrated in the global scorecard as you suggested. I thought that it would be too much info, since we need to include the course and section to give some context, but it came out nice.

Another option that could be useful if you are accessing the quiz attempt from the global scorecard is to be able to see all the attempts for that specific quiz.

Regarding the cheating issue, we could add in the settings an option (protected by admin password) to show/hide the feedback - this should not affect the feedback after quiz completion.

Hi Alex and Joseba,

What do you think about formatting the quiz attempt high scores in a list instead of a grid? I find the grid a bit confusing, and it’s not super clear to me from the scorecard page which quiz you’re about to view when you click on one of the squares.

Instead of the grid you could show the high score for each quiz in a format similar to what Joseba put together for the global view, maybe in numerical order as they appear in the course and showing the quiz name and date of the high score. Then when you click through you’d see all attempts for that quiz in chronological order as you suggested.


Thanks @Julie - yes I think it would be good to display the quiz scores as a list instead of the box/grid view.

I think the only people who understand what the boxes/grid represent are the Digital Campus team - it’s not obvious for anyone else, so would be good to show the actual quiz title too.

@jjoseba - please could you have a go at a mock up for this?


Thanks both for the feedback!
I think we got used to it and didn’t think if the grid made sense for users with no previous experience.
I’ve made this mockup for the scorecard, displaying the quizzes as a list with the best score:

Also, I thought that this new functionality of taping on each quiz to see the quiz attempts masks the current behaviour, where it takes you to the quiz directly. To keep this action available, we can include it in the quiz details in the bar:

And we need to think what to do with the case where the user has not attempted a quiz yet (when the quiz square appears in gray). Two options:

  • Clicking that quiz has no effect
  • It takes you to the quiz detail view, but it shows an empty state (more user friendly than just showing the empty list of attempts):

And that’s all from my side :grin:

Thanks @jjoseba, I’ve added some issues on Github for the next (Jan) sprint for these, see:

I split into 3 tasks as I think there are 3 distinct things to do for this, although of course they are linked together.