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Skip Logic questions

From @ebennert “is skip logic possible on the surveys / feedback forms – in other words, can we skip questions based on the learners’ response to a prior question (i.e. we only ask learners who selected they experienced an ‘other challenge’ to specify which challenge they experienced).”

Liz tried to include skip logic on post-course surveys in the past, but it would not work properly. She said you had to put the question into a category in order to do this, but then the question would not display properly on the app (it only showed the category name).

Interested to understand if this is currently supported or would require development.

cc: @tfeyissa, @jkrause

Hi @ldewit and @ebennert
We haven’t got skip logic included in Oppia at the moment, so it would need some development work, both on the moodle export and in the app to make this happen.
Quick question: would you need this for feedback and quiz activities, or only feedback activities? I assume for this case just for feedback?

Hi @alex - For now, we would just need skip logic for feedback activities.

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Thanks @jkrause I added a (brief) issue on Jira for this, see: Log in with Atlassian account we can follow up more about what’s needed and the time/scheduling etc for implementing this.

@alex @ldewit @jkrause @ebennert I don’t know how Liz handled this on the post-course survey but can’t this be handled using Moodle’s “Questionnaire plugin”? Questionnaire Conditional branching - MoodleDocs I don’t know if someone tried this before or this plugin is installed by default or activated for our course. If this is not yet tested, need to have a super admin password to install and configure the plugin.

Thanks @tfeyissa , but just adding a Moodle plugin won’t fix this, since the Moodle-Oppia export still needs to process what has been configured, and then the app needs to know how to deal with this logic.

In general it’s best that Oppia keeps away from being dependent on specific Moodle plugins, so we should only try to implement functionality that’s in the core Moodle.