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Staging Server CHA courses not downloading on the app

Hi all. I am trying to download courses to test on the app. Switched the server within the app to point to our staging server. That all seemed to work fine. But the moment I click on download courses (or manage courses) I receive the following error message: Error. Invalid username/password please try again.

I logged out and in, deleted the app, reloaded it and still I cannot get it to load.


Hi Liz,
I think this will be dependent on the version of the app you’re using.

In some slightly older versions of the app (v7.1.8 and below) we had this issue when changing between servers, since the user credentials weren’t being re validated when the server changed. The solution here is to change the server before logging in, or log out then change the server, then login.

In more recent versions, if you change the server it will automatically log you out first, then you need to re-sign in (to the updated server).

Anyway, I think that’s the cause of the problem you’re having. If you’re already using the most recent version of the app (v7.2.1), then please let me know the sequence you go through from installing the app to seeing the error message, so I can try to replicate,

Hi Alex,

I started with deleting the CHA app and downloading it directly from the play store. I then logged in, went to advanced setting, changed to the staging.cha.oppia-mobile.org, logged out and then logged back in, then went to manage courses. This is where I get the error message. My login for the app and the server is exactly the same.

Thanks for the extra info Liz,
The version on the play store is quite old now (over 6months I think), and not sure when @NickGordon / @Julie play to put a more recent version up.

For now, though, the best way to solve this is to remove & reinstall the app, but, change the server before logging in (you can access the setting from the menu in top right of the welcome screen). Then it should work ok - but let me know if not.

For info, even if your username and passwords are the same for both staging and live, they’re 2 separate accounts, so can’t just be interchanged when switching servers.