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Suggestions for finer grained data on video playback

Hi all,
At the moment, when a video/media file is played in the Oppia app, all that is recorded is the length of time the video/media was open. So this doesn’t give us information about whether the user had the video on pause, or rewound/fast-forwarded/rewatched parts of the video.

I have a suggestion as to what might be better data to record when a user is watching media files:

We could record all the actions the user takes as a log-type file, for example:

Clock | VideoTime | Action
00:00 | 00:00 | open
00:10 | 00:10 | pause
00:15 | 00:05 | rewind
00:16 | 00:05 | play
00:36 | 00:25 | stop
00:37 | 00:25 | exit

Or something along those lines anyway.

I’d be interested to know if this would provide the right type of data on the video/media usage that admins etc would be looking for?

We’d also need to figure out how this data could be analysed well/easily, depending on the questions that need to be answered on the video/media usage.

Any other feedback/suggestions welcome too…