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Table columns visibility exceed screen space via App

Hi Alex, please take a look at this Table. It has 6 columns. It overflows the width of the screen, thereby forcing user to scroll towards the right to see remaining hidden columns. The HTML code seems pretty clean to me. No column width has been specified, so how does a Table column self-allocate width on the App. Is there some built-in logic that gets applied that we need to be aware of?

Do take a look at the page:

RMNCH BLM: Counseling for Special Groups (Adolescent and Youth) (communityhealthacademy.org)

Your help is requested please.


Hi @isaacwilliams ,

I just had a look at the page you sent, but I’m not sure of an exact solution to this.

I think if we try to remove the horizontal scrolling, then actually it might be harder to read, for example, 6 columns squashed to a couple of inches width is also going to make it very hard to read, with all the text wrapping that will then happen. It might even need to put line breaks in mid-word.

A couple of potential options here:

  1. As it looks like you’ve done with couple of other tables on this page, is to transform the table into an image, so then users can click to view larger version, although of course, they’ll still need to do vertical/horizontal scrolling on the high-res version of the image.
  2. Add the table as a single page pdf document (as a resource file in Moodle as the next ‘activity’), that they can download

These 2 options aren’t mutually exclusive, you could apply both, esp if users might want (read “have the access to printer and resources be able to”) print out the pdf version to actually use.

The slight downside with option 2 is that when files are loaded in this way (as resource file activities in Moodle), the user needs to have the appropriate app on their phone to open the file, since any file type could be uploaded - although with pdf files this shouldn’t be an issue.

I think these types of problems are quite likely to occur when we’re trying to adapt some content (notably workflow charts and large tables) that may have been developed for printed materials on A4 page size, to a much smaller mobile device screen size.

As a side note, since this is for the ET RMNCH courses, I believe this will be deployed to 7" tablets, so it might not be so much of an issue on that device screen size (esp if in landscape mode).

Hope that helps gives some ideas?


Thanks Alex for that. Will go with an image for now.

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