True/False question not working correctly

Hey Oppia-Team

I am implementing True/False questions with moodle. However also when the right answer is chosen the red cross gets shown as feedback. Is this a known error?


Hi @sirofjelly

I’m not sure what might be going wrong for you here, as it’s working on the courses etc that we have. Can you share the link to the quiz in Moodle so can have a better look,

Hi @alex

This would be the respective link: OppiaContent: Log in to the site

Please notice that the question is in the form of a multiple choice question. This was done after True/False did no work, but same error when I do it the way it is currently done by using multiple choice.


Hi @sirofjelly,
Seeing the Moodle content, the issue probably is related with the score being a fraction. Currently the app expects the score to be an integer, so when it checks if that response is correct based on its score, it gets rounded to zero and it gets marked as incorrect.

I’ll flag an issue for this to review the functionality and at least update the documentation to describe the current behaviour accordingly. For now, can you try if using integer values for the question scores solves the problem?

Thanks for spotting this!

Hi @jjoseba

Thank you very much for your idea! You were completely right, indeed a weird rounding bug :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help